Have you been binged yet?

To my surprise more and more of my traffic on the blog is coming from the Microsoft search engine Bing instead of Google. One site, bingandgoogle.com, lets you try the two search engines side by side.

I was surprised to learn that the Google Chrome browser gave different results than the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. I think it has something to do with ranking pages according to what’s in your history cache.

I’m rarely an early adopter, but tend to jump on the bandwagon once something has been tested for a while. I switched to Google Chrome when Firefox kept crashing on me, but now I’m finding that Java doesn’t run as well on Chrome. I’m choosing Internet Explorer more often now.

Who knows, maybe binged will become the next new search verb. After all, it’s one less syllable.


  1. Anthony says:

    Maybe. Microsoft seems really interested in creating the next big search engine. Bing will never be a Google-killer though.

    I use Firefox with Chrome as a backup.