Wisconsin’s gone goofy

That’s the only explanation for this:

Nine Arrowhead High School students have been banned from their graduation ceremony Sunday afternoon because they wrote “Class of 2009” in chalk on the North Campus building.

For goodness sakes, I’ve seen principals put the school name up on the fence in those weird Solo cup configurations. What the heck is wrong with a little school spirit in chalk? They call that a prank?

One more year… I won’t have any children left under these goofy administrators in just one more year.


  1. I heard that the reason they were instantly banned was because all the students signed a document in May stating that they would be banned from graduation if they pulled any pranks.

  2. I saw that, too, and at least their warning was in writing, but is that a prank or an innocent show of class spirit?

  3. Whatever says:

    Unfortunately for these “goofy administrators”, the “goofy” kids will just keep coming, and coming, and coming, and coming…

  4. Hey, it’s your choice to keep the job. Lots of other careers you could choose from.

  5. Once these kids/adults are no longer under the goofy school district administrators, there will be other authorities over them: goofy bosses, goofy inlaws, and goofy law enforcement system. Which may not exhibit a sense of humor or deference and not care that no one got hurt “this time”.

    If these kids/adults rise to goofy leadership positions themselves, they may realize there is only so much time, money, and energy to devote to cleaning up after goofy kids. Seems these pranks are all about pushing the envelope – finding the limits – Goofy world!

    Some schools do a “Senior Class Gift” rather than a Senior Prank. It is a cooperative effort in choosing the way the class will leave it’s mark for posterity.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Funny thing about goofy kids: youth passes. Most of them grow up, move on, have successful careers that contribute to society. Grumpy as I am, I can spare a little humor and deference for juex du vie in the young. God bless them.

    God bless, too, the teachers and administrators that have to make such decisions. Disciplining one’s own children can be hard. Disciplining someone else’s children while under public scrutiny is a thankless task. I can spare a little deference for them as well.

  7. So, chalking a spirit message on the side of a building is an offense worthy of such attention.

    Dang, there’s no fun left out there at all.

  8. El gato says:

    I agree this one is absurd. If they feel they must do something about it…how about making them wash the wall with a water hose and brushes while wearing nothing but jock straps during the middle of the day…unless they are females.

  9. I’m going to intervene and remind everyone El Gato has a flair for the absurd. Before you all go ballistic, consider the possibility this is humor.

  10. Kathryn says:

    “Dang, there’s no fun left out there at all.”

    Just what I was thinking.

  11. Anthony says:

    Writing “Class of 09” in chalk on the side of the building is not anything major. If the school doesn’t like it, hoses were invented for a reason. Chalk comes off pretty easy. I’m pretty sure if the kids at Brookfield East had done this, administration would not have cared.

  12. On a video from Fox 6, one of the people involved in the event even said it was a “senior prank”.

  13. Anthony, “I’m pretty sure if the kids at Brookfield East had done this, administration would not have cared.” There is only one way to find out?

    Cindy & Kathryn,
    “Dang, there’s no fun left out there at all.” It is an unfortunate truth that people may be held liable for actions and injuries on their property so while we may all wish we could just have fun, once someone may be injured there is a problem. I think it is about risk management, at least to a degree. For example, have you noticed there are signs on school playgrounds forbidding the use of skateboards, etc? The intent would not be to limit fun but to do it elsewhere, not involving the district when they have clearly stated they do not wish to be involved.

  14. Chalk on a wall was all we were discussing. “Risk management?” Oy vey.

    Bill, if that’s the case, then I guess they knew what they were in for if they got caught.

  15. Whatever says:

    Cindy-So only written warnings count in life? Verbal ones have no merit?

  16. In this case, yes. We’re talking about a policy, not a warning.