Just one of those days

If you’re fairly conservative like I am, you’re probably fairly offended right now. It’s not a good week for folks like us.

Today POTUS is flapping his gums in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He will try to sell America yet another plan for our salvation. He will, as usual, withhold the fine print. I love being sold things without really knowing what I’m buying. I guess that’s becoming the American way.

A couple of days ago David Letterman put forward a bad act on national television about a girl getting knocked up. The girl happens to be one of Sarah Palin’s daughters. Stupid Mr. Letterman, who thought he was being soooo cute, made the knocked up joke about a 14-year-old.

I’ve never watched Letterman. I never will. I wish he’d drop off the face of the earth. He’s a creep and should be locked up as such. Had he made the joke about one of BO’s daughters, he would be.

Am I offended? Yes, I am, by both these yahoos. Don’t worry; I’ll get over it. But I do consider both actions to be another couple of inches down America’s slippery slope to a point of no return.

I think I’m more sad than offended.


  1. I’ll be offended with you. Kids are off limits, especially in the context of sexual humor. Never liked that show.

  2. I would paraphrase Barry Dunham’s speech, still in progress, as: “What do we say to those Americans, who, through no fault of their own, lost jobs when their companies downsized?”

    – If you like the CHANGE since it became Government Motors, you’ll love the change if it becomes public health care!

    He is actually using recent jobs losses, to sell public health care.

    – Is this the CHANGE you voted for?