Cindy the wimp


Short version: I couldn’t move outside my comfort zone today and enrolled in the CS4 class at The Clearing instead of staying in the pastel workshop.

Long version: Do you have any idea how expensive it is to set up a start with pastels? I took my list for class supplies and headed to Artist and Display on Burleigh this morning. A wonderful woman was helping me fill my basket. I was buying pastels and papers, and then I got to a list of softer pastels needed. Wow! I had no idea they could be that expensive.

I’d been fidgeting about the class for some time. In fact, I’d called The Clearing a couple of times to see if there was still an opening in the photography group. Today I called from the store as I was unshopping my basket of goodies.

I’m sure the help thought I was nuts (hmmm…recurring theme?), but I left the place with a spring in my step and a sigh of relief. The Clearing is a marvelous place. There’s no reason to let a new medium stress me out. Instead, I’ll lug a room full of computer supplies, but at least I know I’ll be pleased with the results.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    We apparently have run out of things to bitch about if we’re talking clothing and hobby classes.

    Let’s bitch about Midwest Airlines becoming aka Republic Airlines and how that hometown airline has become a dog like any of the others. The only good thing is their air miles are good on NWA and now Delta.

    Or .. anyone see the NBC Obama White House tv specials from a week or two ago? The only part of that I wanna talk about is … the FIVE GUYS … burger place. Anyone try it?.. Anyone think it’s good?… I have a desire to broaden my waistline and try it.

    Today the market fell….. and I was just about to move my 401K money back into play… anyone thinking about doing that yet? Time to go back into play with what’s left of the 401K? Thoughts?

    The Bistro in Egg Harbor. The Brie in puffed pastry shell … served on a blueberry spread .. along with fresh fruit. Wine. To die for.

  2. Yes, but my brie in phyllo with honey, walnuts and blanched fruit of choice is better.

    We never pulled out of the market. We did harvest for losses at December 31 and revamped the portfolio. The gain is around 50% from the low, but still down from the peak. (Oh 14,000, you were a glorious moment.) I’d guestimate we’re right about where you were when you ran. If you get in now you’ll be in about the same place we are. If you get in later you’ll have lost. You should have gotten in last March. (Couldn’t resist.)

    Just booked two rounds of travel on MW today. MKE to SEA for the spouse and the youngest (under $200 RT) and two tickets on miles to Tampa the second week of January. Truth be told, that’s where my head’s been the last 48 hours. Also sketching out trips to Guatemala next spring break and 4 weeks in Europe next summer. Transferring Diners points for AA miles coverage, etc. It can be done, but it’s work.

    I just whined about healthcare. That should make you feel better.