Thought for the day: Obama’s campaign and healthcare

I wonder how many of Obama’s campaign contributors were unable to afford healthcare or insurance, but capable of writing him a check?

Bet there’s quite an overlap.

BO’s campaign (yes, he’s still campaigning) just sent an e-mail asking for money. Again. BO wants donations to help in the fight.

So I’m asking you to remember all that you gave over the last two years to get us here — all the time, resources, and faith you invested as a down payment to earn us our place at this crossroads in history. All that you’ve done has led up to this — and whether or not our country takes the next crucial step depends on what you do right now.

Please donate whatever you can afford to support the campaign for real health care reform in 2009.

It doesn’t matter how much you can give, as long as you give what you can. Millions of families on the brink are counting on us to do just that. I know we can deliver.

There’s an embedded link for the second paragraph that takes you to

What a classy dude. And to think! He’s my President!


  1. I got that email too and when I saw the name of the sender thought, an email from the president?

    Well, we know of at least 1 contributor who might answer your question: Auntie Zeituni. She made an illegal contribution , lived in public housing, and was an illegal alien. I seriously doubt she purchased her own health insurance!

    No one talks much about the number of illegals (an estimated 10 million), many of whom obtain health care on the backs of those of us who purchase health insurance.