Could you tell the president no?

I’m just wondering. The word on the internet this morning is that President Obama’s visit to the Green Bay area cost an extra $32,000. Given the current economy, is that really how taxpayers want to be spending the money?

Could a community actually ask the president to stay home?


  1. While we’re on the subject of municiple expenses, does it make sense to spend $50k to rearrange the tables in City Hall? I’ve never been in that room, but it seems to me that we could make a U configuration without building a dais for everybody, and we could build a dais for a lot less than fifty grand. What am I missing?

  2. That’s a guy named Dean Marquardt’s doing. He does stuff like this every year to justify his position. When he retires (can’t be soon enough!) we’ll start saving tens of thousands every year.

    One of his neatest tricks is to estimate a project way over what’s really expected to be spent, then when he “saves” the city that money (it almost always coincides with the cost of his salary) he looks like a golden boy. We’ve seen it already on this project where he brought in an estimate much more than $50,000.