About those two high schools

It’s fun when this blog drives the content in the newspapers. I see it happened again yesterday with a rehashing of the Newsweek rankings. (BrookfieldNOW article. Fairly Conservative post.)

You can tell by reading the Elmbrook staff comments there’s a bit of conflict in the issue. I love these quotes:

“I think at that time … they embraced (AP) as a school,” [Melanie] Stewart said, adding: “They actively were encouraging kids. Now, that’s not to say East wasn’t encouraging kids, but I know (Central) really made a focus of it.”

“As much as I’m enjoying basking in the fact that we’re in the top 500, it’s just one indicator, and there are many indicators of how well a school is doing,” [Don] LaBonte said. “It’s nice, but I don’t want to put too much emphasis on it.”

I wish I had those super special powers of which I’m often accused. I’d love to know the exchange between Elmbrook CAO and the reporter to spin this issue. Come on, you don’t really think the guy woke up a week later and said, “I wonder what Newsweek thinks of Elmbrook schools?”