The morning giggle – Jessica McBride

Well, unfortunately this morning’s giggle is really no laughing matter. It’s also a little inside baseball as a REAL journalist friend of mine would say. You see, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting pretend journalist Jessica McBride made hanky panky with Milwaukee Chief of Police Edward Flynn.

Now I usually don’t care who hankies whom, but you see, Ms. McBride, wife of former Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher, is a special case. She broke up Bucher’s first marriage, (Maybe not an accurate description as Bucher certainly had a choice in the matter.) and now it seems she was vying for greener pastures. Or a shinier badge. Ms. McBride has a bit of a gold digging history.

She is also known for wielding her computer keyboard with unpleasant results. That’s how I know McBride. She participated in the Mayor’s well-placed lie a week before the election and continued the issue beyond reason, even publishing the matter in the Waukesha Freeman. We eventually made a tentative peace – she claimed she was simply being loyal to her husband Bucher who is fond of Mayor Jeff Speaker.

I am human. I apologize for this schadenfreude. But to watch a cat-scratcher like McBride have her affair smeared across the local rag? Priceless.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    No kidding. She pontificated a mean and spiteful twisted opinion on many issues inciting outrage in many people. She was quickly fired from her WTMJ talk show. The many threatened lawsuits finally drove her blog offline. Her employ as a UW instructor is suspicious to say the least – all along I have wondered about the UW system continuing her employ. You get what you spin in life I think. What goes around comes around. She got her comeuppance. I feel sorry for Bucher. He has his own baggage in life – but I sorta feel sorry for him.

    Anyway … betcha the Waukesha Freeman dumps her. Betcha the UW system dumps her now too. It’s an ethics issue. Especially for UW to ignore it would be appalling.

    (this is almost as good as Paris Hilton going to jail).

  2. Paris Hilton went to jail? Boy, I’m really news deprived these last couple of days…

  3. Wilson828 says:

    justice comes to those who wait …

  4. Doesn’t Bucher work for a certain law firm known to play both sides of the fence… even stating so in it’s newsletter? Representing both parties in a case simultaneously?

    Possibly driving up clients’ bills while some may say they are providing ineffective counsel due to an alleged potential conflict of interest? Rumor has it…

  5. C’mon. Seriously? Chief Edward Flynn of Milwaukee is a man who has (supposedly) brought a values based system to the MPD and finally he’s been caught violating one of the most fundamental of those values – the sanctity of marriage. Everyone makes mistakes (including the married Jessica McBride Bucher), but what must also be realized is that some mistakes cannot go without impunity – especially when the violator holds such a position of power and influence. The Mayor should be ashamed also. He brought this snake oil salesman and his consulting cronies to our city and now (for obvious political reasons) is “standing by his police chief”. Rubbish. It’s high time for our city to be lead by leaders with VALUES and high moral standards rather than the silver-tongued MANAGERS that we currently possess.

  6. Chief Edward Flynn of the Milwaukee Police Department really needs to consider leaving. While it’s true that he possesses some talents he obviously lacks the moral courage to simply do the right thing. Too bad. He seemed to hold so much promise. Yet slowly, some insiders have been witnesses to what most have not, could not or would not – and that is an egotistical police manager (not leader) who has already clearly surrounded himself with YES people (as evidenced by a majority of his recommended promoted members) and quite frankly, he has comprised his entire office of women (I’ve been on his floor at the police headquarters). I’m sure many of us can’t wait to see what our hard earned money (tax dollars) will buy in terms of his in-coming (and lovely) Chief of Staff (Judy Pal – Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department in Savannah, Ga.). I’m sure it’s a necessity that she be a highly paid (new) city employee even in these times of (existing) employee furloughs. It’s time for us citizens of Milwaukee to wake up and hold our elected (and appointed/anointed) officials accountable!

  7. Regarding Police Chief Edward (Ed) Flynn of Milwaukee and his ex-marital affair with reporter and lecturer Jessica McBride Bucher, I, as a tax paying citizen and concerned member of this community certainly hope that Milwaukee’s Fire & Police Commission pay much closer attention now and in the future to who they are told to hire as Chiefs (Fire and Police) and possibly even more importantly to whom they approve for promotion to positions of higher authority within those departments – as we will be “stuck” with those employees far longer than any Chief. Best of luck Commissioners!

  8. Richie/Eric/Richard – you obviously have an ax to grind, but why don’t you do it somewhere else.

  9. As I heard it this morning, Sykes hinted that the emails were revealed by Mr. Bucher. Is there a pool to bet on how quickly they’ll find their way to the web, and on whose blog?

  10. BrkfldDad says:

    Or at least under one name and/or not in rapid succession! Lol. Even without access to IP addresses it was pretty obvious. Would be funnier if they came from a Milwaukee PD Union IP.

  11. J.P. IXONIA says:

    As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the city of Milwaukee..
    and now an Admitted Felon (Under Wisconsin law (WI Statute 944.16), adultery is a Class I felony. The penalty for a Class I Felony is a fine of up to $10000, or imprisonment ) he should resign.. How can we justify felons with guns on our streets.

  12. Wilson828 says:

    All these self righteous perfect souls without blemish or weakness. How lucky we are that they contribute to this blog. Holy cow .. the glow from your halo’s is blinding!

  13. The glow. Aw, give ’em a little room to gloat. I certainly took some.

    Bdad – funny idea about the Union, but it looks to be a residential RR IP.

    I know people got hurt here, but the act wasn’t my doing. Talking about it for 24 hours or so doesn’t make me an accessory to the crime.

    McBride jumped the shark about a year ago. I have a sneaking suspicion this isn’t exactly Flynn’s first indiscretion. Still, Milwaukee usually doesn’t let people caught with their pants down off too easily. We’ve seen a few swear it has nothing to do with their job leave that job rather quickly. He’ll probably take a transfer, spin it as a promotion, and be on his way towards the next conquest.

    McBride? As usual, the woman will take the bigger public hit. She’ll probably, and frankly should, lose her job lecturing journalistic ethics at UWM. (Oh, gee, that’s still pretty darn funny.) Will Paul put up with the heat? Probably. Frying pan and fire, I’d say. I mean, don’t you think he has a clue since it’s exactly this behavior that brought them together in the first place?

    You can’t imagine the number of really inappropriate things I’ve kept myself from saying. Perhaps I’ll leave it at this: She must be one heck of a good time for all these powerful men to follow her at the risk of their own families and careers.

    Milwaukee’s own Siren – body of a woman, brain of a bird.

  14. John, I really don’t like your style, but I did approve your comment.

    Now I have to go listen to what Sykes said.

  15. Nope, I didn’t hear that at all, John. Looks like you’re following your usual method of operation and causing trouble.

  16. Wilson828 says:

    I have zero sympathy for McBride. She’s said so many terrible things. The only thing that would have made this better is if she’d gotten caught instead with that blabber mouth idiot Sykes.

  17. I was listening live, not the podcast. At one point a caller theorized that it might’ve come from someone who was eager to go after Flynn. Sykes said something to the effect of, no, I have a theory or strong suspicions that it “came from the other side (not Flynn)”.

  18. Good grief, we have very similar opinions of the world Wilson828.

    I do have trouble with those who are freely labeling themselves conservative but slipping their zippers at will.

  19. This affair has no effect on his policing skills whatsoever. He will still be a good chief, no matter what personal affairs he has.

    McBride is someone who broke the Journalist’s Code of Ethnics (something I learned about in Journalism class) yet she is the one who is teaching it at UWM. That doesn’t sound right to me. She needs to be fired from there, or teach something other than Journalism, because obviously, she’s not good at it.

  20. I liked Chief Flynn until this happened. First, he showed incredibly poor judgment in having a fling with a prominent reporter who just finished a major piece about him–it was almost begging to be exposed. Second, the woman appears to be a holier-than-thou right-winger. How could he fall for her? He seemed like a classier guy.

  21. Wilson828 says:

    Ralph… he’s 61 … she’s 39 …. when you’re 61 and a 39 yr old woman who isn’t bad looking shows some interest in you …. you have a hard time ignoring it… it’s a nature thing in balance with principles and morals….. unfortunately for both the principles lost out. I can understand it. It’s simply a poor choice.

    But your observation on a holier than thou right winger is right on.

  22. Tinkertoy says:

    I always enjoyed Jessica’s talk show on TMJ. ‘cast the first stone …’ is what comes to mind here. She and her husband will have to now try to work things out … or not. She isn’t the first person to have an affair – nor the last. She is human like the rest of us. Get off your #$% soapboxes.

  23. Randy in Richmond says:

    Let me see if I understand you. A “classy” guy should in no way ‘fall’ for someone conservative. By ‘classy’, I assume you mean someone with whom you have similar beliefs. Wilson is right–in affairs of the heart and other body parts there is no left or right. However, your biases and prejudices are right there for all to see.

  24. Daryl Bonner says:

    I differ from many of you with my opinion. I am looking for Mayor Barrett to show some leadership. Flynn has broken his promiss to the people of milwaukee and it’s mayor. He said I did wrong and it is over. Against my better judgement I beleived him. Now he is contacting another mans wife again. I am done! If Tom Barrett does not stand up and do the right thing, don’t bother asking for my vote for Govenor.

  25. And so why do you think Bucher has not only file suit with his wife but also staged this so publicly? He is a republican. This was a 3 prong attack. Lot’s of collateral damage from this one. Sort of insightful of the player(s) uh?

  26. Boy, I hate to say it, but that crossed my mind, too.

  27. The story gets weirder by the day. Shameful Paul and shameless Jessie have a 4 year old who will, someday, google her parents names and find this crap. I dislike McBucher’s (both of them) politics and would be grateful to them if disposed of their antics. Alas, they are both so in LOVE with the spotlight that this will not end until the public is sick of Mr. and Mrs. Nobody-Going-Anywhere! Peee-eeew! Agree with the full-on, three prong attack. UW-M needs to can her fast. I will NOT donate a dime to UW-M if they keep her.

  28. Lynn, I have to agree. This story wouldn’t have half the print if Paul and Jessica would both shut up. It’s like they are addicted to the attention, even if it’s extraordinarily personal.

    Jessica even wrote about it today for her Waukesha Freeman column. Doesn’t sound like there’s a bit of remorse if you ask me.

  29. Ms. Kilkenny: I just read the WF column by the victim, Jessica McBride Bucher. Her ender: “Stay tuned, I guess.” SO…unless this tag line changes (Jessica McBride is a member of the journalism faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a blogger and a Merton resident. Her column runs Saturdays in The
    Freeman.) and she still lives in Merton, is a faculty member at UW-M and a columnist, it appears SHE WILL be penning about this again. JMB knows all too well that SEX SELLS. PS) Mr. Bucher must also miss the attention so much that he’s throwing his entire family under the bus. What an upstanding couple. I need a shower.