Brookfield storm sewer inconsistencies

It appears I have a summer project if I want one. A couple of people have asked how they can approach the city so that the 100-year floods that happen every year can be properly managed.

My favorite quote came out of the 4th district:

I turn to you because you have such a good head about these things (How I WISH you had won the mayoral race!!!) And I know you would be able to tell me what – if anything – I could do, or who I could contact to voice my concerns and/or get that idiot mayor to thing about something other than highways and “Boobs on Bluemound”.

(Ok, so flattery will get you pretty far with me. 🙂 )

Elm Grove has started to make the effort. Why not Brookfield? We’ll get started when I get home. In the meantime, keep letting me know where the trouble was this time.


  1. They could start by dredging the Beverly Hills Park slough and the clogged creek! It has not been done in years and its getting worse each year.