More about Jessica McBride Bucher

Wife to Paul, at least for now; Gal Friday to Ed Flynn, Milwaukee’s Chief of Police.

Has anyone else noticed the affair has never been described as over?

So, today’s developments are interesting. First, I’ve had a couple of dozen searches for “Jessica McBride fired.” It always makes me wonder if someone out there knows something we don’t yet. Also, Bruce Murphy, Editor for Milwaukee Magazine, sent a link around for a story titled, The McBride Affair.

It reads kind of like one of those old movies starring Mickey Rooney. Gosh darn it, Ms. McBride is an excellent journalist and golly gee wilikers you can’t possibly think she’d do anything wrong, and please don’t forget, we’re trying to save our backsides here since we ran the article of interest.

At least one blogger uses the article as proof Dan Bice is big old bad man that was only out to persecute our lovely lounge lady.

(Tacky Cindy stepping in, but it all makes you wonder if she slept with Murphy but told Bice no.)

One thing’s for certain, this was no Friday news dump. The story continues. Judging by my traffic, we’re bound to be looking at it for a while. And all of the focus is on Jessica, not the Chief of Police, not the former Waukesha DA. She’s looking at the only scarlet letter to be issued so far.

Like Murphy said, and surely McBride has learned, “sex sells.”


  1. Santa's Elf says:

    Channel Four had for their question yesterday: “Will Chief Flynn Lose Effectiveness after Affair?”

    To which some guy commented: “With the continued use of Viagra along with an occasional dose of Extenze (contains Horny Goat Weed), I see no reason whatsoever to believe that the chief will lose his effectiveness for many affairs to come!”

    Ya gotta love it!

  2. Why is he pretty much being portrayed as the ‘victim’? Takes two to have an affair. He’s just as guilty, and it’s NOT a badge of honor. 😕

    But then, that’s just me.

  3. While I don’t condone his actions…he’s certainly not the first public official to be caught in a “love nest” (can you say Bill Clinton??)….

    And I certainly don’t think it will affect his job performance….he’s done wonderful things for the streets of Milwaukee, no matter who he’s sleeping with. After all…he wasn’t doing it on “company time”…..

  4. At least as far as we know…