An update from The Clearing

Day two.

Today we focused on something called HDR. Think of it as the best of all possible picture worlds. You know how sometimes you take a photo and the sky turns white or the trees go black? HDR is a process of taking several different exposures in a range, using some funky new software out there, and putting all the right colors in the right spots automatically. One picture will have the perfect sky, another the best green tree, a third the picture of your subject – now they are all together.

It’s pretty darn addictive.

If you’ll forgive me, I’ll confess I’m shooting crap up here. Whenever someone asks what I take pictures of, I usually respond just about everything. This week I’ve decided I’m not a nature photographer. Period. Everyone is running for a camera to get a spider or hummingbird, and I’m just not interested. You have to love what you’re shooting or you aren’t going to love the final image.

Last night a couple of us went to Anderson Dock for the sunset and to try to catch some blue light. The guy next to me outshot the heck out of me, but that’s how I learn. I’m just competitive enough that I won’t miss that kind of shot again. (He’s also got 25 years experience on me at the age of 72 and uses equipment that easily cost enough to send a kid through four years of in-state university!) It’s a pretty neat to have such generous souls around to share what they already know.

Dinner today included the famous Clearing broccoli salad. It’s in the cookbook at home. I’ll pop the recipe up with a link to buying your own cookbook if I remember next week. Dessert was a chocolate milkshake. You don’t want for much up here.