Wednesday at The Clearing

It’s hot. Hotter than I ever remember being here. Our classrooms are air conditioned, but the main lodge and cabins are not. I’ve done well this visit by requesting Room #3. It sits on the end of the big block of cabins and gets a fabulous cross breeze. I’m sleeping tonight with three windows and the door open. I’m not sure that happens very much anymore.

Class is going well. Ditching pastels for CS4 was a good call. I’m now much more proficient with the program. I finally took a couple of pictures I could live with today. Whew! Maybe I’m no good under pressure anymore.

Friday night we all exhibit the week’s work. In the past, photographers have shown images they’ve edited this week, but shot previously. New rules. Our instructor will allow only new photos from this property. When I say it’s all been shot before, I’m not exaggerating.

I did find a small cave with a roof that had been fashioned from a few sticks. I shot it in the new HDR process to provide almost excessive detail from the stones. I think it will work. I also had luck with a blue chair outside the kitchen. It’s sitting under the dinner bell (ok, my favorite sound from this place), but it’s also in front of a black bag of garbage, which I will work to remove tomorrow in the digital darkroom. Finally, I picked off a shot of the lodge flying the flag. Since the light was harsh at midday, I used HDR again. I like the result.

Right now a June bug, my favorite summer insect, is whacking the screen door over and over again. It’s buggy up here this month. The wood ticks march across the white walls like ants in line at a picnic. While I don’t generally react to the bugs and ants, ticks aren’t on my favorite list of critters to pluck out of my scalp. So far, so good, but I admit to a wee bit of paranoia and check thoroughly every morning.

I’ve always called the place camp for grownups. This year I’m getting the full package.


  1. I couldnt sleep until I read this post. Thanks and good night, yawn.

  2. Dave, your charming personality is really showing through! Thanks for reading.

  3. I woke up this morning, tried to get going, then read this post and I really thin………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Dan H, you be nice! I have one of your instructors up here and I’ll give her an earful if you don’t cool it.