And I wasn’t even looking for it…

I really like the size of the laptop I’m using for most of my daily work. With a 12.1″ screen, it handles and travels very easily. I added another gig of ram a few months ago so the tough stuff I can throw at it goes well. What always hacked me off was the way this thing would lock up without warning. Yesterday it happened in the middle of a long post with several links. I won’t specify the word I used (ok, over and over again), but the spouse strolled in shortly after and asked if “I’d gotten that out of my system.”

Today I was searching for a 9 pin to 4 pin firewire cord to connect the laptop with my compact flash reader when I stumbled upon a new bios for the machine. The updated program is installed and I’m anxious to see if it works. The forum chatter indicates I can expect great things. I wasn’t looking for a fix, but if this works, it will be sweeeet.

More real stuff later today. I’m warming up the scanner.