Paul Bucher’s response to Joseph C. Niebler, December 2004

I’m not the first person Joe Niebler, who runs NFI, LLC and developed The Shire subdivision next to the Brookfield Sanitary Landfill west of Brookfield Road, has gone after for discussing his work. In June of 2004, Niebler filed a complaint with then Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher against a few other Brookfield residents. The complaint, labeled IN#04-251, has been misplaced by the District Attorney’s office as you will read in page one of this document. All I have is the reprinted response from Bucher to Niebler. Now you do, too.

(Can a DA just lose stuff like that? I may have to request Niebler’s complaint through discovery. Bucher calls it “a rather complicated, factually intensive complaint.” Too bad no one knows what Niebler said. Yet, anyway…)

Lisa Sink, writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, published an article July 21, 2004 on the issue titled, DA pursuing allegations over campaign finances, Brookfield developer files complaint including critics of his project.

Developer Joseph Niebler Sr. said in an interview that he believed it was his civic duty to notify the district attorney because he believed campaign finance laws had been broken. But several people targeted by Niebler said Tuesday they believed they followed state election laws.

DA confirms inquiry

District Attorney Paul Bucher confirmed Tuesday that he is investigating allegations contained in a “voluminous” complaint Niebler filed on June 22.

Two of the three defending Niebler’s complaint hired attorneys for the inquiry. (Anyone sensing a pattern here?)

On February 8, 2005 the same reporter writes this story: DA clears subdivision opponents, Brookfield group followed campaign law. Bucher’s letter had been issued December 1, 2004. From the article:

Developer Joseph Niebler Sr. filed a complaint with Bucher last June questioning whether campaign finance violations were committed by James Sandstrom, a resident who led opposition to the project; Sandstrom’s family business, HM Graphics of Milwaukee; Citizens for a Safe & Healthy Brookfield, the PAC Sandstrom created; Blackburn; and an unsuccessful candidate for alderman, Mary Altschaefl.

Bucher said Monday it appeared that the campaign finance documents filed by Blackburn, Altschaefl and the PAC were “accurate.”

“I was kind of surprised that it was as good as it was,” Bucher said. “Normally in these types of situations, many people just go ahead and do what they think they need to do without thinking about the proper campaign finance rules.”

Joseph C. Niebler, Sr. has made it known repeatedly, thou shalt not speak against The Shire.