Dear Wilson828

Every time I think about saying, “I’m so exhausted!” or “I can’t believe how sore I am!” I think of you and shut up.

Just thought you’d want to know.

(Yesterday was a lot of fun and a big hit, though.)


  1. Wilson828 says:

    LOL….. well I’m glad it went well for you … and I’m glad you had fun…. sorry you were so tired … but you built memories for you and your kid… and family. Good job! Good deal!

    Well…. we’re up in Door County for 2 weeks. Time for some R&R … probably hit the Greenwood tonite for dinner.

    Weather’s a little cool … but a warming trend is on the way starting tomorrow.

    I suppose I have to shave to go to dinner uh?

    Oh as a treat tomorrow go discover FIVE GUYS burger joint in Pewaukee. (if you haven’t already). The place is to die for wonderful … a real heart attack in a bag. Wonderful.