What’s City of Brookfield Alderman Scott Berg hiding?

5th District Alderman Scott Berg put up a post this week on his newspaper-sponsored Web site about Brookfield’s High Speed Rail station. There were two things I found interesting: He didn’t provide the draft minutes of the meeting in which there was discussion of the topic, and he didn’t mention he was a MEMBER of that committee having the discussion.

Just to keep things on the up and up, here’s a copy of the July 14th draft minutes I received from City Hall. One would think if I could so easily obtain them, surely an alderman would have no problem.

Here are comments attributed in the draft minutes to Alderman Berg:

Alderman Berg noted that the current existing tracks would be used but asked how a business person would get from the station on Brookfield Road to a business meeting at Bishop’s Woods or to any destination that was a distance away from the station.

Alderman Berg agreed that the train itself would not affect City of Brookfield property tax dollars because of federal funding but substantial support would be needed by Brookfield to make this work.

Alderman Berg asked what the realistic time line would be to have the high speed rail and train station completed.

Of course my favorite is Berg’s statement that the train would not affect City of Brookfield property tax dollars. Keep in mind this guy is chair of the City of Brookfield Finance Committee and responsible for how much you pay in taxes every year.

Now there’s every chance Berg wouldn’t put up the draft minutes because he thinks he’ll motion to change the way something came out in print. I’ve got that covered, too. I have a copy of the meeting recorded that I can pop up at any time for clarity.



    The high speed rail is nothing new and looks to be a future endeavor. Why is it so important that the city support it, if no tax dollars are involved ?

    With the 2010 Budget on the agenda and almost total silence about
    the Budget recently the obvious is now exposed. This and other topics to come will be diversions to avoid any issues affecting the new Budget directly. The strategy is to create other areas of creative importance so the public wll not be aware of the financial shortfalls and waste in government.

  2. Smoke and mirrors. Expect more of the same.

  3. The Lorax says:

    I’m not sure if Scott has left Brookfield in the past 20 years, but hotels now offer free shuttles to and from train stations, air ports, and even meeting places!

  4. Maybe “Disingenuous” Jimmy Doyle sent him to Spain to check out the choo-choo factory.

  5. The Lorax says:

    Sure. Maybe. He’s a spitting image of Mark Sanford.

  6. CT – I pulled your comment. It was way off mark for this post. If you’d like, you can e-mail me directly and we’ll talk about it all. I can explain why I did it. –Cindy