Continuing evidence Obama’s party might be over

This is from the Washington Post: (Yes, the Washington Post!)

For Cleland, it was another example — one of many this day — of the broken promises of a president who she thought would be different. Obama pledged to change a Washington culture that favored corporations and the connected and instead lift families such as the one sitting next to Cleland out of their economic funk. Rather, she said, Obama has backed billions of dollars to banks that continue to “act like they’re broke” and started the country down a path that Cleland said she thinks will lead to more grief for the middle class.

“He’s just not as advertised,” she said. “Nothing’s changed for the common guy. I feel like I’ve been punked.”

Could it be the media darling is finding himself towards the other end these days? The article even comes with video.



  1. He is a great fraud but not a harmless one. The question is – Are there enough informed people left in the country to counter the vast numbers of ignorant sheeple and those that just outright desire to be controlled and dependent on the state?