Waste Management Landfill/Shire Outlot Moratorium Extension on upcoming Plan Commission Agenda

From the staff report e-mailed today:

8. Waste Management Landfill/Shire Outlot Moratorium Extension

Report: 1. On April 6, 2004 the City of Brookfield adopted and approved Ordinance No. 1958-04 establishing a moratorium on consideration of property owner initiated requests for development approvals or change of platting status of lands identified as Outlots 6-10 of The Shire plat and Outlots 1 and 2 of CSM No. 9898. The moratorium was established to provide time for data collection, report preparation and interpretation by the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Health and Family Services regarding the safety, health suitability and appropriateness for development of the aforementioned outlots. The moratorium was extended by Ordinance Nos. 2070-06, 2090-07 and 2144-08.

2. Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc. submitted “Landfill Perimeter Evaluation Report WMWI – Brookfield Sanitary Landfill Brookfield Wisconsin June 2008” to the State of Wisconsin on June 20, 2008. On August 12, 2008, the City requested an assessment of the report by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services. In a missive dated December 1, 2008, the State of Wisconsin suggests that a number of data gaps and uncertainties must be addressed.

3. An extension of the moratorium is required in the interest of accommodating data collection, Moratorium Committee consideration and recommendation to the Common Council.

Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Plan Commission approve an extension of Ordinance No. 2144-08 with a moratorium expiration date of September 1, 2010.


  1. The Lorax says:

    I’m moving to the Shire. I always wanted hobbit children.


    The word “MORATORIUM” is always scary because it means delay, sometimes to prevent the right thing from happening. Did I just read that there is a moratorium committee?
    Just imagine during a baseball game when the rain delay has to be decided by the moratorium committee. Many laws die in committee expecially when the committee has the sole purpose of delay. Folks, the world is real and so are the problems, like food and water. get with it. Step up to the plate and hit one out of the park. Thats what my hero, Lou Gehrig, did, without a comment.


    It looks like Jeff Speaker will be the next mayor for the next decade unless someone has the guts to challenge him. The challenge cannot be shy and must have substance to honor the residents of our honorable city.