Don’t Do as I Do

The Dems are really upset. They find it incredulous that ordinary citizens attending town hall meetings about healthcare, being held throughout the country, have the audacity to invoke their free speech in a manner the Dems have been utilizing since the 1960’s. They seem to forget the advice given by their own community organizer leader, President Obama. He advised that great Chicago truism, “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” And he also exhorted his supporters to ” argue with them, get in their faces”. But apparently this is not allowed by those who have a differing opinion or want to ask a tough question to the politicos at the front of the room. And we have a new definition from the dems for mob–a mob is any group of people who disagree with us-the Dems.

Harry Reid decried ” loud, shrill voices trying to interupt town hall meetings”.

Senator Jay Rockerfeller said he “is concerned the protests are becoming a distraction”.

House Speaker Pelosi called the demonstrations “Astroturf”, a euphemism for a campaign ‘designed’ to look grassroots.

And the AFL-CIO announced plans to mobilize labor activists to attend town hall meetings in 50 congressional districts to counter conservative protests. (Doesn’t their planned agenda meet the definition of Astroturf ?)

Okay, let’s be fair and check the credibility of what the Dems have done in the past. Just from memory I can recall the following:

On protesting the Iraq War Tom Daschle said, “It’s primary value is that it keeps up the pressure.”

Code Pink announced and carried out their plan to drive the Marines Recruitment Center out of Berkeley.

At Columbia University, students attacked the founder of the Minutemen after inviting him there to speak.

Sixty miles from my home at Monticello, during a July 4th naturalization ceremony, leftist protesters interupted Preident Bush speaking at the non-political event.

Interestingly, I cannot find comments from these or any other Democrats on the given protests/demonstrations in the same vein as those quoted above. And the present comments above are being made about a function where opinions are supposed to be made–aka town hall meetings.
Therefore these Democratic comments have no validity or consistence–only the politics so easily derived. This tactic is right from the Democratic playbook–when you have no legitimate argument change the subject and blame the messenger. Expect more of the same.


  1. “when you have no legitimate argument change the subject and blame the messenger”

    How’s that working for you?

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    There you go, again.

  3. Regan was civil. Republicans got votes when the party was still civil.

  4. The fact that there are conservative websites actively seeking out folks to INTENTIONALLY DISRUPT these town hall meetings rather than allow **serious debate/discussion/questioning** is what the problem is. There is a difference between attending to be informed/question and simply going to cause a disruption. It’s like someone talking non-stop in a theatre. They came for one thing, but are doing something entirely different.

    I have no doubt some of these are ordinary citizens that are simply angry due to being grossly misinformed, however it would be nice to not have partisan hacks specifically asking folks to be assholes at these things.

    Interesting who sponsors them…

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Please explain how what you have said has anything to do with my post?

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Please provide a link to one of these sites so I can check it out.

  7. See above.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    That site is promoting rallies at the various Congressional offices on August 22nd for those opposed to socialized healthcare. It has nothing to do with town hall meetings. I doubt the Congressmen/women will even be there. Thanks for the heads-up as I will see if I can attend one in my area.

  9. This is true, however the website is organizing individuals to rally about health care under false impressions – the biggest of which is right on the web site’s logo – “PUT A STOP TO SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE.” This is not what it is, however everyone seems to insist it is or will become that. I would not be surprised if through those rallies, individuals network and plan such demonstrations. However, I do not have evidence of that in particular.

  10. Randy, your post was, in essence, a claim that turn about is fair play: it’s ok for the right to behave badly because the left has a history of behaving badly, too. I asked how that was working out. You responded with an allusion to Regan. I noted that Regan was a gentleman, and the the Republican party was more popular when it too was civil.

  11. Speaking of civility, or lack thereof:

    What the hell is going on? Are people so uneducated that either side must resort to fighting before they even get all the answers? Is this a problem with our education system, or what exactly is the deal? I’m not pointing to the left or right, but this is ridiculous…and our forefathers would likely be embarrassed.

  12. Jim S. do you have healthcare? who pays for it? Do you have to take a pill everyday? 12 pills? I see alot of scared older people on the news.

    and it is Reagan.

  13. $120 per month from my part time salary, which is not very much. Coverage is very poor. It would only cover one day of a hospital stay if anything were to happen to me.

    Why should older people be scared? Oh yes, I forgot, we’re going to kill them. FINALLY.

  14. The you have poor coverage for what you are paying. You should shop it.

    Your last line is poor taste. Grow-up.

  15. Jim, be careful. That could be taken literally you know.

    Thanks Randy for creating such a ruckus!

    Kathryn – I’d say it’s working well as worried as the left has become. Turn about IS fair play. Dissension used to be patriotic when Bush was president. Under Obama it’s cause for a secret service visit.

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sorry Kathryn, I’m not sure where you got the idea that I think conservatives and Republicans are acting badly, because I don’t. I’m alluding to the hypocrisy exhibited by the Dems complaining about the Republicans using their Constitutional rights to free speech and public assembly while that has been the Dems mainstay for 50 years. I’m talking about the HUGE double standard that is right out there for all to see.
    And I’ll let you in on a little secret–I’m loving it. I hope the Democrats keep pushing back because most ain’t buying it. Just 10 months ago the two neighbors across the street from me each had Obama signs in their yard. I had a Palin sign. We kidded each other and life went on. Virginia now has a governor’s race with national implications. Those two neighbors now have McDonnell signs, the Republican candidate, in their yards. McDonnell leads Obama supported Democrat Leeds by an average of +10 points. Still a ways to go but if someone had told me this was possible just 6 months ago I could not have believed them. Contrary to the elitist
    and MSM belief, the American people can only be fooled so much.

  17. “Dissension used to be patriotic when Bush was president. Under Obama it’s cause for a secret service visit.” Now that’s just silly. Dissent has never been well-received, and the Bush team was masterful at orchestrating a crowd–supporters in the room, protestors behind the barrior, outside. And the Secret Service is suspicious of everyone; that’s part of their mandate.

    I’ll concede the tactic appears successful in the short term, but it is only disruptive, not something that will build up the party. The strident nature of conservative rhetoric has turned a lot of folks off. The ranks of independents are up.

  18. “Your last line is poor taste. Grow-up.”

    That is because, to be blunt, the idea that this health care system is out to get older Americans is stupid.

  19. Now for people that do need to grow up:

    I cannot believe I have cited Fox News twice today.

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    How about an example of that “strident rhetoric” ? And many of those people you say are disruptive at the rallies that oppose the healthcare bill are not Republicans–but they’re people who have read the bill, or portions of it, and don’t want it passed. Many are union members. In the long run they will be okay though, because the Congress will grandfather the unions in some way.

  21. Kathryn! The next time you see a “Dissension is Patriotic” bumper sticker that looks to be a few years old, why don’t you quiz that driver as to their political leanings.

    I do know of someone that was visited by the secret service, so no, it’s not “silly.”

    We live in divided times. That the guy you voted for is now presiding over them shouldn’t make the harsh division a surprise. And I thought the polls showed Obama recently losing Independents. Maybe someone could look.

  22. Randy – it is rather funny that those at the back end of a plan to tax “Cadillac” versions of health care insurance are union members, primarily educators.

    The news that Dems had that kind of a plan up their sleeve pretty much reassured me they are out of touch with their base. It would make this last election a do-over worth attending!

    In fact, maybe I should start a crusade to keep that Cadillac tax idea on the books. I certainly don’t have one of those plans. Let the Dems choose between 1) showing they have no real intention towards health “insurance” reform, or 2) alienate their base. Tee hee.

  23. Randy, I wasn’t referring to the disruption of the rallies, last time, but of the progress of the bill and the general discussion of health care reform. The wheels are off. In the cacophony ( I looked that one up, Keng 😉 ) who knows what position has been taken by anyone? In this case, it is an effective tactic. It serves a conservative end, but it won’t necessarily get conservatives elected.

    Cindy, a visit from the Secret Service is not silly. I only meant it was ever thus.

  24. Oh, yah, that “snitch HERE” white-house email account, and the Obama Admin’s DIRECTION that all ISPs will provide precise ownership and addresses for all internet connections—

    All of that is just for the purposes of……what? Sending Christmas cards?

  25. Gee, people are angry over their government, founded on freedom, liberty, and protests, being taken over by neocom statist destructionists that are using every means, including manipulation of the upcoming census, to obtain complete control over their life.
    Imagine that.

  26. “that are using every means, including manipulation of the upcoming census, to obtain complete control over their life.”

    I look forward to returning after my vacation to see what proof you have of such silly claims.

  27. Jim S-

    Are you aware that BO is taking control of the census over from the Dept. of Commerce? , enlisting the help of voter registration con artists ACORN, will use minority complaints that they ware underrepresented in the census because they are “afraid to talk to census takers”, counting illegal aliens as citizens? That census figures are used to “draw” congressional districts that determines who is and who isn’t elected to congress?

    All of the above are designed to play to BO’s constituencies and further consolidate BO’s control and the control of the statists, well probably, forever.

  28. J. Strupp says:

    “All of the above are designed to play to BO’s constituencies and further consolidate BO’s control and the control of the statists, well probably, forever.”

    Not forever. I think the evil Emporer gets thrown down a ventilation shaft in the end, thus freeing the universe from his wrath.

    If I remember correctly that is…it’s been awhile.

  29. The Lorax says:

    Sounds like the Gerrymandering that swept the nation in 2000 with Republicans in control.

    Again, all this concern-trolling is cherry-picking. Gerrymandering happens whichever party is in power… not just “statists” which has become the new buzzword, replacing socialist.

    The real problem is how districts are drawn in general.

  30. Randy in Richmond says:

    To my knowledge this is the first time the White House has run a Census instead of The Commerce Department. So soon we should expect a White House website that we can report any fishy counting or not counting to, concerning our neighbors and friends. And you should be able to remember this policy because one just like it went into effect in the White House this past week.