Dear Brookfield: It’s time to move.

Well Brookfield, while your Very Special Mayor Jeff Speaker is taking time off to manage his slum tenancy, stuff like this keeps happening. Do you want to be the resident with a semi-automatic pistol to your head?


  1. But, hey! He’s busy with IMPORTANT things like paint chips for Hooters!!

  2. Wilson828 says:

    Well …. actually, the mayor on duty has nothing to do with crime.

    Crime statistics are actually misleading. The higher the crime statistics for a community the better job police are doing and the community is probably better staffed with police.

    Wanna cut down on crime … drive up your statistics demonstrating value of cops? Hire more of them.

    The downside is you could become a nazi state and always hassled … I know a community where that’s happened too.


    The Mayor is the titular head of our community, and as an ex-police-officer is expected to publicly respond to the ever present issue of crime. This Mayor has no policy on crime prevention nor does he have a plan to keep our streets, homes and schools safe. The Police can only respond when called upon, make arrests and file reports. One idea is to have a public forum on crime in the suburbs with a citizen panel of non-law enforcemet and non-political people.

  4. Wilson828 – oh yes, the mayor’s leadership on how the department polices does have something to do with crime.

    How many times must we witness mating cop cars? What about the hiccup where miles driven were being reduced?

    We’re ok at the number we have as long as all the positions were filled. The mayor ran a game for years where the extra money went to overtime for his buddies with seniority instead of into new hires to be scheduled. I think it’s better now, but I haven’t paid close attention to staffing lately.

    I do know that a gun to the head a mile from home gets my attention.

  5. What’s even MORE curious is that the cop-shop waited around about 3-4 days before releasing the info and looking for help.

  6. Ok, so this is where I weigh in with my conspiracy theory. What if it didn’t really happen at all?

    Now think about it. Some guy goes and pulls a bunch of cash out of the ATM but doesn’t want his wife to know, so he claims it as a robbery and we get this report later, his wife feels sorry for him, and the cash goes to whatever “hobby” he doesn’t want the world to know about. I mean, it’s not like there were witnesses, right?

    Just thinking. And to be honest, this little theory is why I’m not panicking. Otherwise I’d be beefing up security around here.

  7. The Lorax says:

    Possibly, but there had to be an ATM camera. Banks deal with that stuff all the time and they wouldn’t want to have to insure the money. Does robbery count as part of bank’s obligation?

  8. Trying to imagine that scenerio. Typically, a camera is mounted in the machine and photographing the user. (There must be other camera’s about too?) The robber would have to fit between the vehicle and the machine–blocking the camera–or else reach around the machine with the weapon. Describing the weapon as a semiautomatic is pretty specific; there must be a picture of the reach around.

    As for panicking, you can save it for later. Isolation and proximity to the highway were probably factors, not the neighborhood going down hill. Be aware of your surroundings.

  9. Wilson828 says:

    If you really knew the stuff the suburban cops deal with all the time …you’d bar your windows and have 24 hr armed security – seriously.

  10. Yep…hubby and I have police scanners that we listen to all the time…amazing what the suburban cops have to deal with. We’re constantly amazed at what we hear on those scanners…and I can honestly say that maybe 5% of what we hear ends up in the newspaper – either the Milwaukee Urinal or the Brookfield Now.

  11. BrkfldDad says:

    Kathryn – proximity to the freeway – 188th and Capitol? But, I agree, let’s not panic.

    I think this has little to do with the city’s effort to prevent crime, nor the effectiveness of our police force. This is probably better indicative of an oppotunistic criminal, and a battered economy. The perps are coming out of the woodwork – look at all the suburban bank robberies.

    What does get me though… the crime rate at 124th and Capitol makes this look like small potatoes. Heck, when an acquaintance was robbed at gunpoint at the Pick’ N Save parking lot, it barely made the news.

  12. The Lorax says:

    I have never, ever felt unsafe in the 124th and Capitol corridor.

    Move quick, be aware of yourself, your surroundings and always make eye contact. Your aura probably has a lot to do with whether or not you are a victim.

    Then again, i’m a lot younger and agile than your friend (probably) was.

  13. BD–I meant Capitol. It’s not an expressway, but it is a highway with a fairly unobstructed straight path away from the area, not too many intersections, no frontage road to slow you down or subdivision to get lost in.

    Lorax, projecting confidence is always good, but agility can’t stop bullets. I have doubts about your eye contact advice; gender makes a difference in how that is preceived. Prolonged eye contact can be either flirtatious or a challening, neither of which is great among strangers in a parking lot.

  14. The Lorax says:

    Kat– I didn’t say prolonged eye contact. But don’t look at the ground or look away. Making eye contact not only endears you to someone, but it tells them you see them (literally and figuratively).

    A glance is all that is needed. Also, making eye contact with bystanders before a confrontation or scuffle will help them notice you are in peril more. It’s all about the connection.

  15. Great, now Brookfield is needing quick lessons in self defense. 😉

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your protracted explanations of how to act in the area discussed fly in the face of your “never felt unsafe” statement. If you do not act this way all the time why do you act that way here? Could it be you sense the possibility of danger or harm–thus an unsafe section of town.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your ‘agility can’t stop bullets’ reminds me of a movie (don’t remember name) where this martial arts guy approaches the hero and exhibits all those hand chops and kicks, looking very menancing, whence said hero pulls out a pistol and shoots him.
    It was actually very funny in the movie.

  18. Doesn’t Indiana Jones have a similar scene with a whip vs. gun? It’s one of the spouse’s favorites.

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    That was it! It was hilarious.

  20. BrkfldDad says:

    Was watching a “the making of…” on that movie the other day, and that scene was an ad lib idea of Harrison Ford. They had spent so much time in the hot desert and he was beat, he asked if he could just shoot the guy rather than the doing the physical scene he was supposed to do!

  21. The Lorax says:

    “If you do not act this way all the time why do you act that way here?”

    I do act this way all the time…

  22. Ok, I act that way all the time, too. However, I am more comfortable some places than others. I’ve never been comfortable near 124th and Capitol–except maybe in the JK Lee parking lot.

  23. The Lorax says:

    It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been going to that Pick n’ Save and Target since I was a little kid.

    I do a lot of 2am shopping at the Pick and even then I feel fine.