In a day that President Obama exhibited several times how lost he is without his teleprompter to the ” he winked at me” comment, we also discover how the President has Kreskin like powers when selecting at random a question from an eleven year old girl among the several thousand present. Julia Hall pointed out that she didn’t understand why there were signs outside saying mean things about Obama’s health care proposal. How cute. You think lawyer mom, Kathleen Manning, (see her Facebook page)* , a coordinator of Massachusetts Women for Obama during the election, might have had some influence on the content of the question ?

*UPDATE* Another random coincidence, Kathleen Hall has decided to only allow her chosen friends to view her Facebook site. This has happened since I posted this story just 1 hour ago. So you won’t get to see the picture of her posing with President Obama.

Hey, Nancy Pelosi, why aren’t you accusing the President of ‘Astroturfing‘ instead of grass roots politics ?


  1. Those mean ol’ conservatives.

    Obama has a weakness for little girl questions. Are you beginning to notice a pattern?