Time Warner Digital Phone out again?*


(Wilson828, please don’t rag on me for using the cable company. I don’t love AT&T anymore than TimeWarner.)

*Wait – it looks like it could be an AT&T problem instead. I have phone service, but the person I was trying to call does not.


  1. AT&T screwed up my internet service when they installed U-Verse lines in my neighborhood. Because their lines interfered with Time Warner’s, my Road Runner internet service was out for three days. I actually had to find other activities than to browse the internet for once.

  2. …and on the other side of the coin, I had nothing but issues and horrible service and outages while I was with TW, and have had absolutely NO issues with Uverse since I had it installed over a year ago….very happy with Uverse.

  3. I suppose it depends where you live.

  4. Wilson828 says:

    ….. blink…..

    (not saying anything for a change on this subject… will allow you to suffer without discourse)