Brookfield: a pervert magnet community

At least that’s what you’d think by reading these two articles (1, 2) from BrookfieldNOW.

Was there nothing else to convey to readers today?



    The practice of the police dept. issuing press releases about crimes treads on the rights of both freedom of the press and due process of law . A police arrest does not always result in the filing of charges and a conviction. Apparently, there is more news reader value in a crime than in an act of human kindness. The fact that the Mayor is a former policeman may answer the more than usual police activity publicity. The criminal justice system works well when left alone. The info may not come from press releases or tips to reporters but there is a police blotter and a crime area diagram in our local paper.

  2. I’m sure it’s from the blotter. I wanted to call attention to BrookfieldNOW choosing to create a community image by highlighting these two stories.