Brookfield developer Simon Group in financial trouble

The Business Journal is reporting M&I Bank has filed suits against the group to recover mortgaged property. The Simon Group has done a lot of business in the City of Brookfield.

Though he’s now off developing roundabouts for the County of Waukesha, Craig Donze was named Chief Operations Manager for the Simon Group in July of 2005. I always thought it odd this developer’s wife, City of Brookfield Plan Commissioner Jennifer Donze, found little in the way of conflict over the arrangement.

The Simon Group still owns undeveloped property in Brookfield at Burleigh Road between Calhoun and Brookfield.


  1. The biz-model for the building at Watertown/Barker was “condom offices.”

    I didn’t think that would work, and it has not. Still a LOT of ‘see-through’ in that building, two+ years after it went up.