Let’s show Governor Doyle a little respect

I’m not sure I care why he’s decided not to run. I rather like the reason he gave. He’s limiting his service to two terms. How many of us would want that anyway?

Perhaps some of the other conservative bloggers will make hay when the sun comes to shine, but I’m thinking, “Cool. Let’s get on with it.”

Mark Neumann’s Tweet is right. This is one heck of a game changer. I’m looking for a couple of bigger players to step in on the Republican side. Try as I might, I can’t see either Scott Walker or Neumann as Wisconsin’s next Governor.

Oh Mr. Ryan, are you out there?


  1. The guy is old, he’s beginning to lose his power, he needs to retire. It would be good for him to rest. We need someone new who can fix this state’s deficit and all.

  2. The Lorax says:

    Are you kidding? The guy is 64. He’s in pretty good health. In politics, that’s not that old. Robert Byrd is 92.

  3. He was kidding.

  4. What do you mean you can’t see Scott Walker as the next governor? The guy has ran the county budget 6 years straight without a deficit. That alone should be a qualifier.

  5. Sorry Aaron. Just can’t get there. I always stumble over the fact Walker never finished a college degree.

    Running on budget is easy. (Yes, it is. You spend only what you make. Done.) Getting through college? That was hard.

  6. Ha! I would pick a skilled county executive without a degree over a sloppy, spend happy alternative with a degree.

  7. Hmm. I place a high value on education, but I don’t see it as a make or break issue. GM had a rule about only hiring people with college degrees for salaried positions. A lot of good that did. Plenty of brilliant people never finish college. Some fools get PhDs.

  8. Aaron, is Neumann the sloppy spend happy alternative or are you thinking of someone else?

  9. Cindy, hate to burst your Ryan bubble, but he already said he has no interest in running for governor in 2010.

    Aaron, as for the “sloppy spend-happy alternative”, you must be thinking about the Thompson crowd that is taking a second look at entering the race. Back in his day in politics, Neumann was a serious deficit hawk.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    When I used to hire people I put a high value on accomplishment. Forget what was or wasn’t learned, a college graduate chose to start and then finished something not easy to accomplish. That has a high value to any endeavor. What their grades were was secondary to me.

  11. Well pooey. I may not end up with a horse in the race.

  12. J. Strupp says:

    I didn’t know Walker never finished college. You learn something everyday.

    “Forget what was or wasn’t learned, a college graduate chose to start and then finished something not easy to accomplish. That has a high value to any endeavor.”

    What about finishing out a term as an elected official? What kind of value does that get from someone who puts a high value on starting and then finishing something? Just wondering.


  13. He’s not running because he knows he’s made such a mess of things that he wouldn’t win anyway. He’s taking his ball and going home.

    …and I’m glad.

  14. Wilson828 says:

    Sarah Palin come to Wisconsin … rofl… rofl…lol… chuckle.. ahem… okay so it’s not funny.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    J. Strupp
    Apples and oranges. If you don’t like that in a politician don’t vote for that person or Sarah Palin if she runs again.

  16. J Strupp. Speak your piece. No fair baiting.

    Wilson828 – you lost me with the SP bit.

    Here’s a bit from Walker on college from a “March 25” chat transcript. (Clever Journal Sentinel doesn’t offer a year.)

    Q: Squiggy of Shotz Brewery – Scott — Please update us on your pursuit of a college degree. Do your studies cut into time spent on county issues?

    A: Scott Walker – Squiggy, I actually signed up to go back to finish my final credits at Marquette a few years ago. The courses were on Saturday mornings from 8:00 until 12:00. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I opted not to take that time away from my family while we cared for her. Some day, I would like to finish off those final credits.

    Q: Bill of Wauwatosa – Do you intend to go back to college and receive your degree at some point?

    A: Scott Walker – See last question and answer.

  17. Ok, apart from the value anyone places on a degree, in and of itself, we probably all agree that perseverence is a good quality. What other qualities would you like to see in a candidate?

  18. Good question.

    I’d love to see candid intelligence. I am so tired of watching politicians read from a script.

    I don’t need a hard-lined conservative. I’d really enjoy a thinking conservative.

    I need a track record. (BTW, Ryan’s vote for the stimulus probably took him out on this one.) I also need someone who will OWN UP to that record, warts and all. I am smart enough to understand your need to vote for something I didn’t like, but darn it, explain yourself.

    I’ll stop for now.

  19. Wilson828 says:

    SP? you mean the rofl and the lol?

    sorry … text language for laughing … I’ll refrain from abbreviations

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    I know I’m naive–I’m missing the joke.

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    Finding a candid politician will be a large sized challenge. And combining that with itelligence–I don’t know. I would say Joe Biden is fairly candid.

    Joe Who?

  22. Brava, Cindy. I like that description. I like those qualities in Ryan. I don’t have to agree with him always, but he is thoughtful and willing to explain himself.

    Randy, Biden is intelligent. Let’s add discretion to our list.

    I’m ok with a script, so long as it isn’t a misrepresentation. Even Moses had a script–and a spokesman.

  23. Belleville says:

    JD has my respect for being wise enough he was at the right time and right place and does not have the skills needed to do what now needs to be done. Of course he made a bad situation worse with comical boneheads of epic proportions, I would have expected an educated professional to hire the best instead of friends and family and largely unqualified. Well there goes the respect after all.

  24. Cindy,

    Just wondering if you think joining and finishing service in the US Military is as worthy as a college degree?

  25. Randy in Richmond says:

    On what basis do you conclude Biden is intelligent?

  26. The Lorax says:

    And to think I get yelled at for saying Bush is unintelligent…

  27. Zeus, finishing a commitment to the US Military is certainly worthy. The word “finishing” is important. I think that would count if you were running for public office.

    Is this in reference to Walker? Did he serve and I hadn’t heard that? Or is it something else?

  28. What about JB VanHollen. Anyone have an opinion there?

  29. Randy in Richmond says:

    Years ago I held a position with a local county that required me to regularly interact with several media outlets. I also participated in local meetings that the media covered and found it exciting to watch the evening news or read the paper about an event in which I had participated. Well, at least for a while anyway. It didn’t take me long to realize you cannot control or shape what the media presents to the public and more importantly- ‘how’ the media reports on an issue.

    Assume for instance, Mr. Smith attended a party and went home. The media could report, “Mr. Smith visited the Jones’ party last night”. Or they could also report, ” after arriving early to the Jones’ cocktail party, at which there were free drinks for all, Mr. Smith left and drove home in the wee hours of the morning.” Each statement is factually true yet the messages conveyed are quite different. The ‘what’ is the same but the ‘how’ is very different. We do it on this site every day. It was a tough lesson for a younger me to learn that we all see and relate things through very different eyes. This happening repeatedly forces one in the public eye to become less, if not void of being, candid. Put very simply, you cannot ‘defeat’ the media at their game unless they choose to allow it.

    For example, Mr. Obama is still just visiting the party.

  30. ok so Walker Quitting College is not a deal breaker.
    but quitting The assembly to run for Exec?
    Quitting his Church?
    quitting his Exce Job to be Guv?

    At some point he needs to STAY!!

    i’m guessing he’ll Quit being Guv if a better opportunity arises!