Something’s Fishy

How would it have been received by the media or the public if Carl Rove had sent emails from the White House to unsolicited citizens in order to make the President’s point on the Surge or say drilling for oil in Anwar? I would suspect not very well by either.

And that’s exactly what David Axlerod in the Obama White House did in a recent emailing that extolled the virtues of the proposed health care plan(s). Citizens who signed up for nothing in the Obama campaign or his Presidency received the unsolicited emails. After first admitting nothing the White House has quietly added a ’security check’ ala Ticketmaster where you must enter encrypted words to gain entry. Third party groups are also being blamed by the White House as part of the problem. And even though the MSM is not reporting this story some members of Congress are calling for a look see into what’s going on.

Here’s how it got started last Friday:

And that White House Internet site that called on us to snitch on fellow citizens saying anything fishy on the net about Obamacare––it’s been stashed under the bus–gone.(see Big Brother, Aug 5th, this site)