An important trend in Obama’s administration

Have you noticed the number of times the Obama administration has messed up and it’s labeled “fear-mongering” or “obstructionism” or another euphemism intended to point a finger of blame away from the actual mistake makers?

Obama and his merry band of goons have blown health care reform. They walked away from their fishing expedition. Now they’re trying to deflect blame for the spam coming from the White House.

The spin is nauseating. What’s more, it’s hard to keep up with the mistakes they are making. I sure hope someone is keeping track for the next election cycle.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree. The other biggie is someone misspoke. I’ve stop counting that excuse.

    This White House is outta control. Think what it would be like if the media were reporting on this administration like they did on the second Bush term. There is a screwup, gaff, or misspeak almost every day.
    Can you imagine someone with the Eisenhower, Kennedy, or Reagan administrations making an official release requesting citizens to report something ‘fishy’. But hey, we got change.