Eugene Kane whips out the race card – again

Guess that’s why the MJS kept him. He’s so insightful and everything. Anyway, he’s complaining because Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s attacker doesn’t have photos all over the news.

True to form, some are wondering if race has something to do with it.

“If he was black, his face would have been plastered all over the newspaper!” is pretty much what I’ve been hearing from some African-American readers. Some white ones, too.

(Notice how he quotes no one. Makes you wonder who actually said it, huh?)

So far the attacker has been described as Caucasian, Hispanic, and Native American. All of those are reasons his picture isn’t up Kane implies.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn asks the media not to post the picture at about 3:00 here:

Doesn’t seem like that matters to Kane. He had a chance to use his favorite play.

But remember, only a white person can be racist.


  1. If you look him up on CCAP, it shows his race as Caucasian. I have heard though from many sources, including a relative who says she knows his mother, that he is Native American.

  2. Wilson828 says:

    He’s another idiot. The world if full of them. And MJS had/has their share of them. He’s right in there with Laurel Walker – another idiot.

  3. Race is an obsession with the left and they find it extremely hard to heed MLK’s words even though they claim him as one of their icons.

  4. When DOESN’T Kane play the race card?