He’s ba-a-a-a-ack

Brett Favre is signing with the Vikings.

Who cares? (Not my original choice of a phrase, by the way.) The dude’s embarrassing. Can we just pretend he never played for the Packers?


  1. Agreed. He is an embarrassment to his legacy with the Packers and to himself. Since I can’t stand the Vikings, I guess its a good match. I hope he falls on his face.

  2. Wilson828 says:

    I so agree. He’s a baby. He lost whatever respect he had for any future endeavors. What an ego.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:


  4. I agree. Training camp is over so it’s time for him to play in some games. I’d be PISSED if I am Rosenfels or Jackson.

  5. Would you be PISSED to be making hundreds of thousands of dollar to stand on the sidelines wearing a baseball cap and telling Brett Favre what to do through a wireless headset? I know I would. Come on Evans.