A big hug to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Darn, that looks like it hurt. I hope everything heals soon.

If you ever happen to see this, I want you to know how impressed I am with it all. I saw the 911 call your niece made. Obviously she’s a sharp kid who’s been raised with a lot of respect. I know you’re concerned for your own children, what they recall, what they will remember. Somehow I hope you are able to convey that you acted in the same way so many of us would have.

That’s what we do when we’re humans. We do our best to protect someone who can not protect themselves. Hopefully we are able to do it without harm, but sometimes, we take our lumps.

Like I said, your lumps look crummy. But you are, as you said, still standing. And I’m so glad.

God bless you.



  1. This truly shows what kind of mayor Barrett is. One that cares about his citizens, and will do anything to protect them.