Forget your comfort, Brookfield aldermen more concerned about their own

In the same week BrookfieldNOW readers find there’s only ONE MORE mosquito treatment stashed, and therefore taxes will need to be raised or your quality of life will SUFFER, this story pops up.

Mosquitoes be damned. Dean Marquardt needs a new project since the fire stations are almost built, and he wants it to be renovating the council chambers.

According to BrookfieldNOW, 4th District Alderman Mark Nelson is the only alderman that voted against moving the project forward in planning. He gets a big Fairly Conservative high five. Oh, I know, you all can stop it later, but why encourage Marquardt? Tell the man to get a real job.


  1. A couple of smart eighth graders might solve the audio visual problems. I’m not enthused about remodeling city hall yet again.

  2. A couple of aging housewives could probably solve whatever they are calling problems.

    Marquardt wants a project to justify his existence. That’s all there is to it.

  3. The Lorax says:

    Off-topic but wondered if you’d seen this:

  4. Yep, saw it last week when I was in Chicago’s suburbs. It’s a short time frame, but if you had that month open, I’d say “air trip!”

    Maybe we should do a dream trip challenge…

  5. The Lorax says:

    Make a dedicated post and i’ll start thinking about it.