The calm before the storm

School starts around here in a week. Our family is entering a traditional panic zone. Every single thing we meant to get to this summer but didn’t will try to be stuffed into the next 10 days.

Today we start with the visit of a family friend, here until Sunday. Of course, we’ve been meaning to do this all summer! It should be a lot of fun.

Congress, too, is having a final week off before they head back to hash out health care. I have a sneaking suspicion our elected are as tired of the topic as I am. We do not, however, have the luxury of releasing the subject entirely. There is so much to do as we prepare for another round of who-knows-what-that-bill-says.

Still, it seems prudent to take a week off and rest from the debate. Even the best of armies learns to rotate their soldiers.

This debate has the potential to redefine America. Though the president scoffed when a lawmaker suggested health care could be his Waterloo, it’s really shaping up to look exactly like that. Obama, although he will laugh it off, has a lot at stake here.

Do I want real reform? Yes. Do I want Obama’s vision to succeed? No. Obama has done little to offer reform examples beyond rhetoric. It’s worse than tilting at windmills; our President is swordfighting fluffy clouds. There is NOTHING behind his words, and Americans are catching on.

If Obama wants to grow up and offer real information, fine. Otherwise you can expect me to continue my hard-core skepticism. I have read nothing produced by this President or his side of Congress to encourage me. All I see is his want to be loved.

I’m exhausted by Obama’s ego, by his posturing and the underlying insecurity. He’d do so much better to shut up and get out of the way and see if anyone else can offer real reform.

Otherwise, Mr. Obama can expect one heck of a storm.


  1. Some people caught on a long time ago but many others are just now distrusting The One, who really isn’t any kind of “new” politician, just an old style Chicago machine political hack. People are tired of one day it’s the greatest crisis since this or that and we must do this or that TODAY because if people really knew my agenda my proposals would never fly. Then the next day he is pointing to recovery. Some people don’t mind being lied to if it makes them tingle. Others have more self respect.