The New Math

No spin or editorializing here. As Joe Friday used to say, just the facts.

During the eight years that President Bush was in office, the country racked up a total deficit of $2.5 trillion. The largest deficit occurred when the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate during Bush’s last two years in office. The deficit during the last year that the Republicans controlled the House, Senate and Presidency was $162 billion. Even so, the average deficit for the next ten years is estimated to be $900 billion per year. That is 5.6 times greater than the last purely Republican deficit. It is about 3 times greater than the average deficit under the Bush administration. Remember during the presidential debates, Mr. Obama claimed that our economic problems were due to the large Bush deficits and that he promised to cut government spending to solve that problem.


  1. The Lorax says:

    And if you included Iraq and Afghanistan in the numbers, the landscape looks a little different.