Create a medical emergency card

Here’s the link to creating your own card.

You get a long story with this one, though…

Last night, we were fortunate to abort another round for the youngest. She has CVS – Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome – which manifests itself a bit like a migraine but rips on the gastrointestinal system instead of the head. It’s the second one we’ve set back since a new pediatrician agreed to let us stock some necessary drugs at home. It’s been a Godsend.

But, it got me thinking. This time next year, the youngest is going to have to rely upon her own wit to manage this thing. My door won’t be there to knock at 2 a.m. (Waaaahh! I think I’m going to have some trouble with this empty nesting.) So I was doing a little more research. The CVSA Web site has a bunch of resources, including new treatment guidelines that I’ll have her print and keep handy. There was also a link to the create-your-own card that I thought useful.

While not life threatening, this is a pain-in-the-backside syndrome to have as a young girl. The last time she had to go in for fluids and an IV medication to stop the cycle she was subjected to all kinds of misery from a pregnancy test to a psycholigical profile to determine if the vomiting was self induced. Pretty awful stuff when you’re in pain and dehydrated. Hopefully a card and guidelines will help if she ever has to face this one on her own.

But luckily we’ll keep access to a stash of the meds that seem to be working so far. Thank goodness for the occasional doctor who will listen.


  1. Sorry to hear about your daughters issues, but thanks for the link. I made myself a card.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Didn’t know my blood type but made myself a card. A doctor friend once told me you can go to any medical facility and tell them your blood type or even have it on a medic alert but before using that info they will always type your blood themselves.
    What a great idea the card is.