Today’s America: Even death is a partisan statement

In case you’re in a bubble, you should know that Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachussetts passed away last night.

Watch the news. Already there are statements of “President Barack Obama led the Democrats, saying in a statement” (from the AP) and “Republicans join Democrats in mourning Ted Kennedy” (hey! AP again.) How much will be made of the politics instead of the man?

Ok, I’m stepping out on a limb here (kind of getting used to that, are you?) and declaring Ted Kennedy was a man first and a politician second. I’m also going to admit that as a man, I can’t say I was standing in line to make his acquaintance. Please don’t interpret that of speaking ill of the dead.

No doubt America will do for Ted Kennedy what they’ve accomplished for Michael Jackson. In other words, sainthood is just around the corner. Is it earned? Heck I don’t know. All the accounts I have for either man are derived from the press. The press can be really stupid about building up and then defiling a personality for their own pleasure. I swear it’s a sport for them.

So, I won’t be lauding Ted Kennedy’s (fill in the blank) or lamenting Kennedy’s (this is blank, too.) I was post Camelot and never understood the mystique. To me the Kennedy’s are a myth.

Expect the press to make Ted Kennedy a legend, though.


  1. Also look for this event to evolve into a “We must pass health care “reform” to fulfill the legacy of Teddy” fest. I expect little or no mention of Mary Jo.

  2. Randy in Richmond says: