Remembering Sen. Kennedy

If the Democrats follow their playbook, the funeral or another related service for the late Ted Kennedy will become a pep rally with a national audience. And boy do they have a ready made subject for the cheerleaders to shout about. I suspect we will be extolled both directly and in a nuanced manner that it would  be both proper and necessary to name and pass the propossed health care bill in Sen. Kennedy’s memory and honor as this was something he worked for in the Senate. Remember Coretta Scott King’s funeral at which embittered and partisan former President Carter utilized his time to bash the sitting President (literally and figuratively) and introduced politics that had nothing to do with Mrs. King into the service. And all the Wellstone memorial lacked in 2002 was a concert by the Rolling Stones. It was more of a raucous Democratic Convention then a memorial service. Each of these services were shameless political rallies disguised as memorials.

It may be that Senator Kennedy’s strong Catholic faith and background may prevent his service from becoming the embarrassment the King and Wellstone fiascos were and I for one hope this is the case.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    Well let’s hope that doesn’t happen, that a platform of HC reform is petitioned so inappropriately.

    A remarkable statesman and Kennedy legacy has died. I fully expect to be reminded of his strong skills and abilities – his successes and his failures too. This funeral is about him. I expect to hear a lot.

    I’m okay with that.

    This is a man who spent almost his entire political career promoting HC reform – so I expect we may hear something about that and how it should be passed – so at least some extent we will hear about it.

    So let’s not summarily chastise the entire Democratic party with the bad taste of one or two .. but also recognize that significant role he played in our country’s history.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sorry Wilson, but the King and Wellstone memorials were attended by a who’s who list of almost all the prominent Democrats. They were the Democratic Party. I’m not cherry picking just one or two. News reports say about half the Senate was present-that would be the Democratic half. And remember the Wellstone rally was in late October just before the mid-term elections. Also, I fully expect you will not hear of any of Kennedy’s failures.
    I agree with you and hope it’s not a political event.

  3. Just heard Obama’s giving the eulogy. It’s gonna be a zoo.

  4. The Lorax says:

    Hey, Randy, when you die can we invite Al Franken and a bunch of Democrats to your funeral????

  5. Seems like we used to just say nice things about the dead and let them rest in peace. I guess like so many other things that is now in the past, too.