I ran across this story a couple days ago and while dated and speaking to another people (Arabs), it describes the mindset I encounter everyday in near-perfect clarity.  This mindset is so deeply ingrained through Islam and their tribal culture that serious questions are raised concerning any effectiveness of our mentoring mission or if we’re simply fighting a lost cause. Thoughts?


  1. J. Strupp says:

    I think you said perfectly. Tribal culture is so deeply ingrained in this region of the world that it’s nearly impossible to create any nationalistic sentiment in places like, say, Afghanistan.

    This is not a bad thing in a purely strategic sense. In fact, I would say that the disorganization between Afghan tribes has been instrumental in wrecking havoc on some of the most powerful armies in world history. A more westernized, organized, military in this region of the world might actually put countries, like Afghanistan, at a disadvantage against potential invaders.