Scott Newcomer: Wow! Can Wisconsin Republicans pick ’em.

Republicans, prepare to stay in the toilet as long as you think this is good politics. From Daniel Bice’s No Quarter:

After a series of personal and financial problems, Newcomer isn’t going anywhere – except probably back to the Waukesha County Courthouse.

There, the Delafield Republican faces lawsuits over unpaid debts, recently filed for divorce and is the subject of a no-contact order against his girlfriend’s ex-husband. Newcomer called the cops last month to ask for extra patrols for his wife’s house and a local business.

In an interview this week, the third-term lawmaker said he was sorry about the mess he has made of his life.

I can tell you from personal experience that a really large part of Wisconsin’s population does not have the kind of personal problems you see dragged out of the Republican elected. Do you think we could please vet candidates a little better?

Of course this kind of nonsense has bearing on Newcomer’s work. He’s sunk. I sure hope he figures it out and gracefully removes himself from the public eye. Fast.

A marriage is the single most important thing you can make a priority. Sure, there are legitimate reasons to back away in a few cases, but with all the footsie Wisconsin Republicans play (Speaker, Bucher, Vukmir, Newcomer, I’m sure the Democrats reading can help me out) you’d think marriage vows were written on septic-tank safe paper. How can I trust these folks with my future when they think nothing of their own? And the children? – in every example I gave.

Grip up! There’s no need to be debating the sanctity of a marriage between a man and a woman when Republican elected are thinking in terms of how many people they can be banging without getting caught. Stop voting for these people or prepare to keep losing the battle for right living.

Ok, so in case you hadn’t read it before, you know where I stand on this one. You just don’t get to pick and choose morales to uphold.


  1. Well said! And you know it’s not just local (Gingrich, McCain, etc., again I’m sure the Democrats could come up with more without trying).

    Watching this kind of thing happen is why I don’t spend much time posting about the “homosexual agenda.” I don’t believe homosexuality is normal and yes it’s wrong, but until we figure out what marriage is all about and what happens between “I do” and “happily ever after,” to mess up so many marriages, I won’t spend much time speaking against homosexual marriage.

    Most Republican office holders are probably uncomfortable with the whole “morality” stuff anyway and just use it to get votes.

  2. The Lorax says:

    I really respect that, Dean.

  3. unknown author says:

    Yea well there’s a lot more to the story that isn’t being put out there. I feel very sorry for what Mrs. Newcomer and the children are going through. Come to find out what Scott (Husband, Daddy) is doing. The girlfriend (who is to be anonymous because of the violent crimes done to her from her x-husband were so bad that he (Keith) was again living with her. That is why Keith lost his mind “again”. There was a restraining order on Keith for what he did to his anonymous x-wife. He gets out of prison and gets to move back in with her (he must have really scared her). Keith finds out what his x-wife and Newcomer has been doing ALL ALONG and just looses it.
    I hope when you said back to the courthouse you ment filing or something. Most people with records like the “anonymous girlfriend” get locked up. Or do you have to be a homerecker with people in Waukesha County to be able to get away with it? Can we say, “CONNECTIONS”?

  4. Keith’s x-wifes name is Amy Shirley….. Now let me tell you about a HOMEWRECKER…….

  5. We have a lot of financial problems in the state budget and we have someone like Scott Newcomer having a man sitting in jail at taxpayers expense so he can run around with his wife, now ex wife. He even went so far as to have the police watch his house because he was so scared for his family. What a joke. This is a man that wants to represent us. He can’t even handle his own “affairs” much less Waukesha County.

  6. unkown Author says:

    Actually, viewers should check Wisconsin Circuit Court Access system and check out Keith Brouwer. He has an extensive criminal record that goes back YEARS. With all of the recent Domestic Violence crimes and murders in Waukesha County, his threats against Amy and Scott should be taken more seriously than they are. Amy kicked Keith out over TWO years ago. Since WHEN is it the Victim’s (Amy) fault that a nutbag like Keith doesn’t understand what the word DIVORCE means. She tried to leave him for years and he has threatened to kill her and anyone she talks to for years. Seems to me that Keith the drunken violent criminal is the Homewrecker here.

  7. Yep, that’s it. Comments go off for this post. You marital dispute folks can whack at each other without this blog as a forum.

    And didn’t she move back in with him for a while?