Milwaukee Journal Sentinel attempts to redeem print media

Their Sunday paper has this tidbit:

To provide our print subscribers with exclusive content, this installment of “Cashing in on Kids” will not be available online until Monday.

It will be posted Monday morning, with Part 2 –in print editions Monday–posted at noon.

Meanwhile, you can read earlier installments of this project at

It’s an interesting change the paper is choosing to make.

In another observation, can those front page photos get any bigger? Anyone else noticing the trend towards few words and larger headlines and pictures?


  1. Wilson828 says:

    I use the MJS less and less for anything. They are not a reliable or credible news source.

    They have retained goofy editorial contributors and less professional news staff.

    Game playing with news reporting timing of print verses online only drives me further away from them. I’m not going to start up a subscription service (which I discontinued years ago) with this announcement. How stupid.