What about Cashing in on Seniors?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thinks they’re really on to something with their Cashing in on Kids series.

Pooey. I just look at it as one of a hundred ways our state government fails us every day. For years I’ve been mentioning Vincent Kuttemperoor and his money grab on public funds. He’s used them for ages to building subsidized senior housing in Brookfield. He plops up some extra-quick construction, fills them with seniors he doesn’t even vet properly, then pulls a check from the state for the privilege.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel didn’t even make the link when they commented on this monstrous building project of his:

(Here’s the July 2008 post prior the the MJS article on the house.)

Brookfield, keep in mind, more of VK’s profiteering has already been approved by the city leadership. Senior units designed to direct cash to VK’s wallet are in the plan for Percheron Square. That will make four sets of such units he’s been encouraged to develop in Brookfield. The others are Willowbrook, Capitol Heights, and Foxbrook. Doesn’t it make you proud to know your tax dollars go to such a worthy man.

It seems the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is rather particular about their outrage. At least the day care provider they’re blasting today finished her house. VK’s run out of money.

I’ll come back and put up the story link when it posts tomorrow.

Update – 8/31 – Here’s the latest story.