A clue from Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner

As congress gears up to go back into session, what’s on the Republican agenda?

Health care? Nope. I’m thinking that’s whipped, but we’ll suffer through a whiny ending.

Cap and trade? It doesn’t appear to be the case.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s weekly column heading back to Washington, D. C. is about Guantanamo Bay. He thinks Gitmo is a solution, not a problem:

The Administration claims that keeping Gitmo open could endanger American lives, however, Gitmo didn’t exist before September 11th, and al Qaeda still attacked us, killing nearly 3,000 innocent Americans.

The attack on September 11th was not motivated by an “international image problem;” it was the result of years of plotting against Americans. The bombing of the USS Cole, the attacks on our Embassies in East Africa, and the first bombing of the World Trade Center were all signs of a much larger problem.

To date, more than 1,000 journalists have visited Gitmo, and I’ve toured Gitmo with a bipartisan Congressional delegation. Each day, the detainees are given three culturally appropriate meals and have the opportunity to shower, exercise and receive medical attention. In the history of warfare, there has probably never been a detention center more transparent than Guantanamo Bay.

I agree. I’m also looking forward to other clues as the Congressional season descends. Is everything else so buttoned down we’re left with Gitmo to discuss?