Construction photos from Brookfield East

School starts tomorrow. Here’s what your student will find:

A little intimidating, but I’m betting the hard hat applies to inside the doors.

Because the room looks like this!

All the rage in new educational decor? This is a functioning classroom.

Yep. Everywhere.

Somehow it feels like something is missing here.

Ok, I’m cool with this change. The old ones were pretty disgusting.

This bugs me. We were told in an e-mail this month that,

The current phase of construction has put in place new gymnasiums, new event lobbies, locker room remodeling, extensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades, exterior remodeling including new brick veneer and energy efficient glazing.

It looks like we’re missing some “energy efficient glazing.” So despite the spin, a lot is still not done and the students enter classrooms tomorrow.


  1. The Lorax says:

    It’s very undone, but the new bathrooms are nice but they won’t be that nice for long. The orchestra room (that’s what it looks like) is beautiful, however.

    Maybe in 10 years when they have to close one of the high schools, VK will buy it and remodel it into his second brookfield home!

  2. Best Lorax post ever

    Sidenote: Remember it’s all about the kids I mean the gyms.