President Obama, call me confused.

I’ve been reviewing some articles about the response to the President’s plan to address school children next week. The latest article of interest is from Politico. In the article is this final statement:

Obama isn’t the first president to be criticized this way. O’Neill recalled President George H. W. Bush made televised address to students in October 1991 as campaign season was heating up. A handful of Democrats denounced Bush’s address as pure politics. Bush asked students to “take control” of their education and to write him a letter about ways students could help him achieve his goals, strikingly similar to Obama’s messages.

But I distinctly copied a paragraph from the earlier release that said:

This is the first time an American president has spoken directly to the nation’s school children about persisting and succeeding in school. We encourage you to use this historic moment to help your students get focused and begin the school year strong.

The Web site that originally held that statement has been changed.

You see, that’s the problem with our American president. You can’t trust him. At the first sign of a pushback, he’s off pretending it never happened. It’s not leadership at all. He’s constantly running away from the problems he creates.

Remember this catch on Obama’s statements for a single-payer plan? This kind of “catch” is starting to be a regular occurrence. You really can’t trust what comes out of the President’s mouth. While some might say that’s politics, it really bothers me that it goes so much deeper. Into the educational department for example, or the veteran’s department.

Do any of you happen to recall this guy’s job?

I’m thinking that job really exists under this administration.

PS – I think it’s a hoot Bush had done in 1991 what Obama’s people said would be another “historic moment.”


  1. “Obama’s people said would be another “historic moment.””

    I believe that’s “hysterical moment”.