New Berlin roundabout most unsafe intersection

That’s what is saying.

Brookfield, remember, you’ll be getting one to practice on soon.


  1. I’ve driven it. It’s stupid. I don’t like it. No surprise to me. Told ya so NB aldermen.

  2. I drove it yesterday. Kind of nasty!

  3. But it saves money! It saves lives!

  4. Sorry, it should have been, it saves gas.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s basically a four-way yield, usually with dashed lines instead of the yield signs. They work best where traffic speeds are slow and you have a statue to circumvent.

  6. Yeah, which I don’t remember at any of the round abouts I’ve driven through (in several states and one foreign country).

  7. Ok, here’s an idea. We can pop a statue up of Kate Bloomberg (or Jeff Speaker if he’s voted out) for the one at Barker and North in Brookfield.

  8. roundabouts are stupid. american cars are too big, and american drivers are too stupid. bottom line.

  9. This was a bad article. First the data includes when the roundabout was under construction, and then the title is misleading. It is actually less dangerous, i.e. less actual bodily harm, just more prone for low speed accidents (though again this included data while it was under construction).

  10. Gasp! A CNI article poorly written? For shame.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    This discussion reminds me of my first visit to Atlantic City about 10 years ago. New Jersey has a sorta similar animal called ‘jug handles’ that, unless you are very familar with them, will cause your making a left turn an adventure at best. Once you reach an intersection it’s too late to turn. Go here to see how one works: