Oh, gosh.

You don’t think they read this li’l ol’ blog, do you?

I mean, Franklin’s superintendent made the news available Franklin wouldn’t be showing Obama’s speech two days ago, and that wasn’t even mentioned in the MJS article.

So much for thorough reporting. The article is certainly a sensational splash at the top of their JSOnline.com Web site though. They’ve even set up a forum. They do love their controversy, don’t they?

Here’s the harsh reality on Obama’s speech. The districts who need to actually be teaching will show the speech as a way to get out of teaching. The districts who have a 99% graduation rate won’t bother with the free curriculum addition.

And President Obama’s power of persuasion won’t matter a bit to the majority of those viewing.


  1. I can’t believe you posted this.


    You have actually written that kids that listen to the Obama speech will do worse in school.

    Really? Seriously?

    We don’t want the kids listening to Obama … he’s corrupt.. he’s the POTUS but .. he’ll corrupt the kids.

    So .. in keeping with our narrow minded point of view on life and things.. we’ll just protect our opinions by eliminating the opposing point of view .. and the sad thing is .. this isn’t an opposing political point of view!!!!

    Comon .. .what’s next?.. wanna burn some books?

    What happened to diversity of thought and opinion? What happened to presenting differing view points and then discussing those viewpoints and engaging in a learning experience?

    Geesus .. comon .. this is nothing more than right wing conservative panic. Sad. Truly is sad.

    I can’t believe I read this.

    Shame on you .. you state your reality as if it’s fact.

    NO wine for YOU tonight!!!!! You get water.

    OMG…. OMG…… !!!!

    I’m in Door County….. gonna go to dinner… think I’ll drink first… OMG!!!!

    ok ok… tell me why you think this… comon… you just wanted to get me and others going? I’m too old to be taunted like this.

    In the past Bush(s) did the same thing!!!


  2. Never once did I give an opinion about whether or not students should watch it.

    Get your hands away from the keyboard when there’s been an adult beverage in them. You’re welcome to try again tomorrow. Until then, I’m presuming that was written with a great deal of sarcasm, but darned if I can tell for sure.

  3. ROFL… I was just slapped!! ROFL


    I deserve it (maybe).

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    If it was all so innocent why did the administration change the program ?
    And I predict the program that will be presented will be totally appropriate as the administration chose to listen to the ‘narrow minded’ populous that he knows he needs to be re-elected.