I’m live again

There are no promises, though. I ended up connecting to the old database, and if that’s corrupted, we’ll know soon enough.

No, you really don’t want to know the language that’s come out of my sweet little ol’ mouth in the last couple of hours.


  1. What are you trying to do?

  2. Well, I hadn’t upgraded my WordPress version, so I had the worm going around. I had to update the installation. Then I tried to import the database, but that wouldn’t work, so I connected to the old one. Finally, the RSS feed broke, but I figured that out, too.

    It’s been a heck of a computer day!

  3. I thought wordpress took care of itself. Are you on wordpress.com or are you hosting it somewhere?

    My wordpress installs are typically a one-click affair.

    But now that you mention it… I need to backup my stuff 🙂

  4. I meant “wordpress updates”

  5. No, I self host, so they are my responsiblity. However, now that I have the latest version installed, the software has been engineered to make them one-click easy. That will really help me. It was a little cumbersome before.

    Yes to that back up. It’s so easy to let it go, but that’s a bad idea!

  6. Just checking… I’m no wordpress/cpanel wizz but I might be able to help if you have any questions (and google can’t solve the problem).

  7. Everything seems fine now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.