Leadership vs Campaigning

For much of President Bush’s tenure at the White House I kept asking the question to myself and any who would listen, why doesn’t the President or his spokespeople fight back with the press and media on the issues of the day. With 20/20 hindsight I am beginning to understand why the Bush administration tempered it’s battle with a press that was unrelenting and brutal in it’s coverage of the latter years of the Bush presidency. All one has to do is look at how foolish and unpresidential the Obama administration has acted and looked in only about 8 months, with a press and media that is fawning to shed the best light possible on it’s administration. Routinely we are given excuses, blame is utilized, or ‘apologies’ given in some form concerning a policy, statement, appointment, or action associated with the Obama administration. And for the first time in my memory an administration is constantly attacking specific networks and unelected, non-governmental individuals in an ongoing war of words. In one instance the President injected himself into a local issue that had become a national story by commenting on a local police department. Some may argue that it’s good to be involved and to fight back with the media and press. I would submit the administration is being petty and unpresidential while exhibiting a strong case of indecisiveness and insecurity.

The President appears strongest when in campaign mode or speechmaking (usually the same) but woefully inept at making decisions, appointments, and in those qualities associated with leading others. Bill Clinton had those qualities as did Ronald Reagan. You can disagree with either’s policies but for the most part each of these Presidents led by example and the people with which they surrounded themselves. This President has so far not exhibited the ability or will to do either.