Elmbrook live on Fox national news

Dude! No one even called me…

So much for ever starting an issue around here.

I have to say it’s not often I see one of my starts land on national television. Superintendent Matt Gibson gets 15 minutes of fame. Do you think he’ll call? Nah. I don’t expect it.


  1. Dr. Gibson – the one people love to hate.

    I read the speech today. It’s pretty generic. Nothing political.

  2. Any truth to the rumor that the reason the media was all over Central this afternoon was there was a big drug bust today.

  3. Never mind, it’s the daily OTC drug policy that made the news.


  1. […] Superintendent Dr. Matt Gibson had what Brookfield blogger Cindy Kilkenny dubbed his “15 minutes of fame“. He was interviewed by Fox News Channel in front of Brookfield Central High School as […]