H1N1 hits UW-Madison

Via the Cap Times:

Roberts said UHS saw nearly 200 students with flu-like symptoms from Aug. 31 through Sept. 5. Recently completed lab work indicates the vast majority of those students have the H1N1 virus.

I’ve heard of students not feeling well all over the state. It makes me wonder where we’ll end up with this virus.


  1. I just got an email from UWM, H1N1 has hit here and seems they are going into panic mode. Marquette also has 1 confirmed case.

    Here we go…

  2. Son #2 is classroom buddies with the boy from Marquette. He asked son #2 to take notes. After I finished laughing, son #2 confessed he suggested someone else might be a better choice. #2 has almost a photographic /complete audible recall memory. Notes have never been his forte.

  3. Ugh. Makes me wish I hadn’t gone to the Badger game last weekend….

  4. My roommate has come down with something. We suspect it might be The Pig Sickness.

  5. I have one at Madison. Says the students dont seem too concerned. As a Brookfield East parent, I’m wondering about what happened to Michael Sprinkel. Thought I heard he was going to a hearing this month. Does anyone know anything? Thanks

  6. I just fowarded this to my son who is a 4th year med student there. He said the only talk he had heard was that all health care personal would be getting the vacine first, and he has not heard when that would be. Sounds like they are not in a panic mode to me.

  7. Jim: Notice I said UWM (UW-Milwaukee, that is) and my professors are having a cow. Or should I say pig?

  8. Haven’t heard a thing. Someone left a comment some time ago they thought he was working construction somewhere. There were also a couple of Louisiana phone numbers you could call for info. Search “Sprinkel” in the box. It will be in a comment somewhere under a post not at all what you’d expect for the title. He just pops up in the conversation sometimes.