What bill?

Obama kept talking about his bill tonight, or the bill he’ll sign. Have we seen any specifics yet?


  1. He is basically proposing to end things with insurance companies like pre-existing conditions. Also, things like copays and maximum coverage amounts will be outlawed. And, insurance companies will be required to cover preventative care.

    Also, a public option will be offered, since all Americans will be required by law to have basic health insurance (unless you have something called a Hardship Waiver). Obama says that his research has concluded that only 5% of Americans will choose the public option. And the public option won’t be free: it will have a premium associated with it. But it will be a lot cheaper than current insurance rates.

    Basically, in regards to the public option, the government is going to be an insurance company. Obama believes the government insurance company will be very competitive with the rest of the market, hence other insurance companies will lower their prices to keep people on their plans and bring in new ones.

    Believe it or not, Obama also took one of Sen. McCain’s ideas and put it in his plan, giving credit to him at the speech. There is a guarantee that you will not be put into financial ruin if you require care. I am not sure if this is just with the public option or what.

  2. Bkfld Voter says:

    I heard Obama restate the high-level info recounted by Anthony above.

    I did not hear NEW information.

    I did hear insuinations and accusations toward those who faithfully bring forward the concerns of the people. Those on both sides of the aisle who have listened well to their constituents concerns were loudly maligned as being partisan, playing games, fear mongering, etc.

    No information was given which refuted the impression many have received from reading the language of the proposal. Depending upon who you talk to, these impressions include:
    – tax-payer funded abortions,
    – rationing of health care,
    – creation of a monopoly industry not subject to anti-trust legislation,
    – inability to leave the government option once on it,
    – coverage for all living in the USA (the language seems open to providing coverage for illegal immigrants, some of whom already arrive specifically to use our medical care system to give birth by illegal immigrant parents to an infant “citizen”).

    The majority of Americans do not support the current proposed Obama-care. Loudly calling the majority of Americans and our faithful elected officials deriding names will not persuade me that Obama is acting in my best interests. Quite the opposite. I dismiss his temper-tantrum approach as a failed attempt to intimidate. I am checking the news sources for opinion poll figures today but have not seen them yet.

    Only by sharing factual details, making revisions to provide clarification, and calmly intelligently identifying and closing healthcare bill loophooles would Obama convince me to support this particular initiative.

    Obama was not forthcoming about how the proposed healthcare coverage would be paid for. In business there must be a business plan showing projected figures which are anchored in reality. These must pass a feasibility test or no one will invest. If we view the healthcare plan as a new business he is planning to launch, in what year would it break even? Why should we as taxpayers invest?

    I have a mixed reaction to Joe Wilson’s interruption, “You lie!”, but believe that sentiment was on the minds of a large number of viewers. Something so large in our collective consciousness is bound to be expressed sooner or later. The longer such expression is surpressed and repressed, perhaps the greater the force it eventually comes out with. Regarding early reports on today’s news that Joe Wilson’s democratic opponent received $100K in donations overnight, I do hope the names of individual contributors will be made known.